About us

Discover a little more about the TotalCross project.

Our Story

Know our memorable events and discover how we are walking to the future.
  • 1

    2007 | TotalCross Launching

    Replacing SuperWaba with huge improvements in terms of performance and easy-to-use for mobile applications.
  • 2

    2017 | Startup

    TotalCross become a Startup to speed up its internationalization process.
  • 3

    2019 | TotalCross for embedded

    Supporting Embedded Linux. This step influenced our new focus: Embedded Development.
  • 4

    2020 | Open Source

    TotalCross open its entire source code (Java API and Virtual Machine) on GitHub.

The nature of our journey

  • Mission
    Be the software development framework most loved by Embedded Developers.
  • Vision
    Software development made fast and easy for every device on the planet.
  • Values
    Ownership, Driven by Details & Dev First.