Key Activation Instructions

TotalCross 3.1 is licensed per seat, which means that when you purchase it, each computer you use must have a license.

When you purchase TotalCross, a key is generated for your company, and this key must be passed to totalcross.Launcher and tc.Deploy. For those who came from TotalCross 2.x and 3.0, please be aware that the key has changed and is provided in your company’s administration profile in the TotalCross site. The correct key starts with 5443444B.

To use the key in the Launcher when running your application, use /r as the parameter. So, for example:

java totalcross.Launcher /scr android /r < key >

To use the key during deploy, it’s the same thing:

java tc.Deploy -all /r < key >

When the application runs or is deployed, TotalCross will validate the key with our server, and a message prints on the console:

It has three possibilities:

  1. There’s an active Internet connection and the server validates the key. It will try to validate again only at the next day that you run or deploy the application.
  2. There’s no active internet connection and its before the expiration date, you can use the SDK, but a new activation is done each time you run or deploy, which may cause a small delay at startup.
  3. There’s no active internet connection and the expiration date ends: the SDK blocks itself and tc.Deploy / totalcross.Launcher no longer work until the key is validated to the server.

We can block remotely also if you don’t pay the monthly bills. In this case, contact [email protected] to update your account.