So, why TotalCross?
TotalCross SDK has an innovative architecture to provide low footprint Apps even with high level programming languages, due to its bytecode and virtual machine.

TotalCross bytecode

Even coding with Java/Kotlin, TC SDK uses anything of these languages on the device. The Java bytecode is converted to TotalCross bytecode what is optimized. It has been created based on performance statistical researches to identify the operations that are frequently used and have more impact in performance. These operations are compressed in order to reduce the assembly of instructions and to provide low footprint.

TotalCross Virtual Machine

Instead of Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which is Stack based, TotalCross Virtual Machine (TCVM) is Register based. In few words, it means a simple addition operation, which loads 4 instructions in JVM, it requires loading only instruction in TCVM, ensuring high performance.