Our Licenses

TotalCross is LGPL v2.1

TotalCross is open source under LGPL v2.1. That means:

  • If you will use TotalCross for a personal project that will not be shared with anyone, you don't need to worry about licence demands.

  • If you will show your project to others, you just need to make it clear that you are using TotalCross, include TotalCross source code, and with that let people know that LGPL'd software is being used in your work. As long as you do that you are covered to give your work away or sell it.

  • If you make any changes to TotalCross code you will need to send these changes back to TotalCross. If you did something really clever we'll definetelly consider adding it to a future version, so that more people can benefit from it.


Under LGPL v2.1
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Unlimited Runtime
  • Community Support
  • Embedded Apps: Linux Arm, Android, WinCE
  • Desktop Apps: Windows, Linux
  • Mobile Apps: Android, iOS
  • Documentation and Guidelines
  • Video Tutorials
  • Forum

TotalCross has also a commercial licence

If complying with the requirements outlined above doesn't quite fit your needs, we also have a commercial licence.

Contact us if you wish to know more about it.